The Craftwood Shutter Range

When replacing your original window dressings with window shutters, the implication of cost may become an all important factor. Our beautifully designed Craftwood Range helps to keep you within a certain budget whist still enjoying the stylish elegance window shutters can bring to your home. Made from extremely durable and engineered MDF, these particular window shutters couple strength with an unvarying, straight and uniformed look that offers wonderfully smooth results when painted.

Whilst maintaining the exact same standards as some as our ranges of shutters, this simple, yet attractive range is available in at least 5 shades of white and neutral tomes to uplift and bring elegance to any room you desire.

The Craftswood range would be suited for most rooms, including:

  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Looking extremely stunning inside your home as well as from the outside, window shutters compliment your decor regardless of the age or style of your property. The Craftswod Range is available in 3 different styles of shutter:

  • Tracked
  • Cafe Style
  • Full Height

Your window shutters can be operated with 2 simple steps, either the tilt rod or the louvre, ensuring just the right amount of light will be allowed in whilst maintaining your privacy from the outside world.

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