The Henley Range of Shutters

The Henley Range are a beautifully robust range of window shutter designed for rooms that are constantly subjected to damp, water, moisture, or steam filled rooms such as bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas or wetrooms. This new range of waterproof window shutter is highly durable whilst maintaining its purely elegant look, not comprising on style, efficiency or durability.

The materials, in which these shutters are made from – Polymer, are used in the production of crash helmets and kettles and have been engineered to withstand the dampest of conditions – the very reason why we have chosen this material when making our Henley Range!

The Henley Range of shutters come in a variety of white and cream shades to compliment any bathroom or wetroom and the hinges are also waterproof so there is no chance of unsightly discoloration or rusting after a certain amount time. There are a few styles of shutter to choose from as well depending on the size and shape of your windows and how much privacy and light you require coming into your room:

  • Tier on tier
  • Cafe Style
  • Full Height
  • Tracked
  • Motorised

The Henley range is not necessarily restricted to just the moist and wet areas in your home, they will look elegant in many other rooms:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom

Your new shutters will be easy to clean as well; simply use a dry, clean cloth to wipe them over from time to time an avoid chemicals of any kind that may cause discoloration or staining. Whatever room you decide to have the Henley Range shutters fitted in, you can be sure that your beautifully crafted shutters maintain their elegance for a long while to come.

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